Mar 21, 2012


Post which has been brewing in my mind for quite some, no thanks to well-wishers who, um, wish too well...

This one's dedicated to the uncles and aunts
and their regular, unfailing, unbearable taunts
"you are getting old, it's time to get married"
This one repeated remark makes me harried,
my single status has become a ghost who haunts...

I have been telling them all time and again
"Bachelorhood's a pleasure, marriage a pain"
I am too used to doing just as I please,
and am not giving up my freedom with ease
my getting married will be nobody's gain...

I am short, fat, half-blind and am losing hair
And you say you can find my 'matching pair'?
It's like what Groucho Marx said about a club
"Any gal idiot enough to not give me the snub
is not a gal about whom I'd particularly care"

And even if I change my fickle mind
I have so many other axes to grind
Don't believe in this matching of stars
"Is she from Venus, am I from Mars?"
Been saying that like a tape on rewind!

The days when you avoid rice and have wheat
Is when I actually gorge on some tasty meat
I also help myself to a really 'neat' drink
The only thing I don't do is a leery wink
at chicks who dress down in this Bombay heat.

Plus I don't really care about how she looks
Am more interested in whether she reads books
So instead of bringing my mom a pic, remember
to just check whether she's a Crossword member
you know, different fish nibble on different hooks...

And I hope this is not too much to ask
Although I feel it'll not be an easy task
But if she can reward my PJs with laughter
even fake it, and we'll live happily ever after
after all, most married folks do wear a mask

Of course, the best would be you find a match
for my younger cousins, sorta like skip a batch
Some, actually all, of them are really very nice
Full of 'matrimonial virtues', with hardly any vice
Or what you old folks call "a really good catch"

PS: Now, when I think about it, I should have saved this post for next year's V-day rant. After all, even I can't keep coming up with stupid lamericks on demand!


  1. Verse-atality it is. Neenga periya Wall-E(tamil pun intended) dhan poonga..;-)

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Plus I don't really care about how she looks--LIAR!

  3. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Although I am one of your uncles who is not after you to get you married, I have found enough clues as to what you are looking ofr in your life partner. I am posting this as anonymous and let me see whether you guess who this. My guess is you will :)

  4. Not a stupid limerick at all!! I loved the way you portray your thoughts.

    Btw, I tagged you for a change of mood. Please take it here:

  5. appppa, so many desires irundha ponnu yeppidi kidaipa ? :P jk btw I agree that she must read...that goes without saying.

  6. @ Kanthu:
    Did you just call me a waste-collecting robot? And expect me to feel happy about it? puriyala...

    @ Anon:
    Of course, a gal who reads *AND* looks good is also welcome... Is that truthful enough?

    @ Anon Uncle:
    I am not going to play guessing games. Consider yourself identified :)

    @ AKM:
    Thanks. And a tag, I see. Never done one before, so let me think over it.

    @ AIC:
    Y the missing Y?
    "appppa, so many desires irundha ponnu yeppidi kidaipa?"
    What can I say, I am a reasonable man.
    "I agree that she must read..."
    You are looking for a girl who reads too? WHY?

  7. very interesting write well.enjoyed reading..keep it up!

  8. @ ashok:
    Thanks. :)

  9. Wall-E = Vaali. Kavignar Vaali. 'Tamil-pun' nu sonnaen. Ah vidunga. Me and my miserable jokes..:-/

  10. @ Kanthu:
    Oh, Tamizh kavignar Vaali! bulb adichen!