Mar 25, 2012

Game of Tags. You neither win nor die.

It seems I got tagged. By a lady at that!

Now, I usually stayed away when this 'tag someone' thing was being played out on the blogosphere since I saw it as one more way of forming cliques and promoting each others' blogs. Or that's what I liked to think, because no one ever tagged me.

When I started blogging, it was pure self-indulgence. Plus. I usually write stuff here only when I feel like it. Or get some crazy idea. This whole concept of writing based on someone else's ideas or questions is a bit alien to me. Kind of like forced thinking.

But what the heck, one can always make an exception. Especially for that rare species who read and comment here. I mean, don't you have better things to do?

But, I am not re-posting the rules. You can visit her blog-post to read them.

So, here are my not-so-bright answers to the 11 questions:

1. What does blogging mean to you?
A means of inflicting my inanities on people without getting hit. And it’s free!

2. Name the person who influenced you most.
Dad. Ok, Mom too, because she’s the one who’ll read the blog. :) 

3. Which is the last book you read?
The Girl who played with Fire (Stieg Larsson). It’s one of three books that I was reading, and I have finished this one. The other two are Dance with Dragons (George RR Martin) and Ka (Roberto Calasso). I usually have multiple books, one for the commute, one for home, one for weekend etc.,

4. Which are the subjects you hated most in school and college?
School: Biology. Especially the part where I had to draw the human eye. Clearly, I had no sense of aqueous humour.
College: Marketing Management. And HR (it was called People and Performance, and we shortened it to Pi and Pee).

5. If you were to become a sports celebrity overnight, who would you choose and why?
Vishy Anand. To experience how mind-boggling chess moves are made at such speed.

6. Name your dream travel destinations- India and Abroad.
India: Andaman. Ladakh. The North-East.
Abroad: South Africa. Madagascar. Antarctica.

7. Describe your job briefly.
Project Finance. I appraise infrastructure projects, for viability, identify risks and ways to mitigate them, so that they can be financed.  

8. What is your alternative career option?
Teaching. I did it for four years and keep fooling myself that I will go back to it once I have made my money.

9. Do you really think the world will come to an end after December 2012?
Yes and No. It has to come to an end someday. Whether it happens next week or in the next billion years, I don’t know.

10. What are the things you would like to do before you die?
My bucket list? I prefer not making one so that I can go without regrets.

11. Your views on television soaps?
Don’t have one. Frankly.

Now, it seems I have to tag 11 people. Most people I personally know now have dormant blogs. And the others I follow are unlikely to come here and have a look. So, skipping that part too. Sorry. Like chain mails in my inbox, this ends here.


  1. Hi SRK,

    I stumbled upon your blog from Coconut Chutney's.

    Must say. Kick-ass sense of humor. :D

    Love your blog, especially the puns. [and the so called PJs, of course.]


    P.S. - True. With what I've read here, you don't seem to fit in this game of tags. But, nice post all the same. :)

  2. I quite like your post :).

  3. @ cmus:
    Welcome. And thanks. :)
    Yeah, I felt I don't fit this tag game as soon as I hit 'publish' :(

    @ AKM:
    Since you are here since 2008, I can only assume you are being too polite. :)