Jun 22, 2010


I was happy, with not a worldly care
Until you merrily walked into my life...
Your lively eyes returned my undying stare
And suddenly possibilities seemed pretty rife

I never got that thing called mush
Until I had this inexplicable crush!
And I still just can’t explain how
It grew into this strange feeling called love...

My heart SCREAMED, but you wouldn’t hear
And I couldn’t speak out of some hidden fear
I’m pretty sure you knew perfectly how I felt
But there were differences that just wouldn’t melt

I pleaded with you “please let’s give it a try”
But your stubbornness just made me cry :'(
You almost turned me into a love-struck teen
Sadly wondering “what might have been...”

My reasonable head keeps up a losing fight
with the heart that says “I may still get you”
But I just remind myself, every day and night
That I really ought to start... to forget you...

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