Jun 7, 2010

Mark this day...

Mark this day as the day I decided to let go of my infamous juvenile 'jokes' that appear funny only to one person (ME!) and turn to more serious topics...

Mark this day as the day I decided to stop living a ruinous, unhealthy lifestyle of booze and meat and pot-bellied glory and start dieting and exercising...

Mark this day as the day I decided to go from being messy and dirty to being neat and organized...

Mark this day as the day I decided to stop wasting my time on stupid TV shows and chick flicks and start reading intellectually stimulating stuff...

Mark this day as the day I decided to grow up...

Mark this day as the day... er, wait!

Let's wait for a few more years for such historic things to happen... 

For now, please put your hands to your foreheads (hard!) and wail "Oh no... he survives yet another year! If there exists a God, surely this demon wouldn't have been foisted on the earth in the first place!"

But such is Life... and mine started this very day twenty seven years ago...


  1. Happy B'day dude. 27 is when you are prime to be married acc to most Tambrams. 26 was still young and 28 is too close to 30. :D Beware.

  2. @ Idling:
    27 is not prime... it is divisible by 3 and 9... and of all the people in the world, you'd expect TamBrahms to understand that!

    29 on the other hand, is prime...

  3. Happy Birthday SRK. :)

  4. Happy bday dude!
    liked the prime comeback.

  5. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Happy Birthday the other SRK :)
    Wish you a wonderful year ahead

    1983 born?


  6. 27 !!!!!!!!!! LIAR...

  7. @ Harini:
    tnx :)

    @ Anjana:
    Tnx :)
    and while we are on the subject, prime usually comes back... sub-prime doesn't...

    @ C.Chutney:
    OMG! Periya Edathu Ponnus wishing me! :)

    @ Sampath:
    Tnx... and you are good at math!

    @ Spidey:
    I may look 30 and feel 60, but my birth certificate would confirm that I am telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  8. happy bday uncle...!!
    27 is not prime..its composite...so y dont u become composite at this age instead of being prime and prim?!

  9. Anonymous8:33 AM

    hmm.. I'm four days younger to you

    - Sampath

  10. @ ss and ds:
    is someone paying you to call me uncle?

    and 27 is the age to sit back and wonder what you want to be by 37... not an age to get married and start worrying about whether the sofa cover shade matches the curtain colour...

    @ Sampath:
    please dont start calling me uncle :)

  11. When others call you uncle let me call you Nephew.