Feb 26, 2010

Notes from a week of illness

Warning: Slightly gross. Only slightly.

You know you are a bachelor staying alone when (aka "Notes from a week of illness"):

* You go to the doctor feeling feverish, she asks whether you can get admitted for 2 days, and the first thought that crosses your mind is "Do I have two pairs of washed undies at home?"

* Of course, the second thought that crosses your mind is "I should call my parents"

* You don't get admitted, ask the doc for some pills instead, come back home and see that you did not have two pairs of washed undies, pat yourself on the back for the amazing foresight in not getting admitted, also rap yourself on the knuckles for the lack of foresight in having clean undies, and proceed to dump a ton of clothes for the maid to wash.

* You start to worry about food. Ordering doesn't make sense because the food would be oily and spicy, the one place which makes palatable non-oily non-spicy food doesn't deliver (even when told it is a matter of life-and-death), and you are too weak to make any of your own.

* You order idlis, find they are rock solid, grumble you can make better idlis, but are too lazy to bring out that idli plate that your mom lovingly bought for you, even when you get readymade atta.

* You buy satthu mavu kanji powder mix, manage to make some puke-inducing kanji, and start trying different combos with it to make it taste a bit different - so you mix it with Real Orange juice, Amul Kool, Curd, Buttermilk; you still end up being bored of that kanji.

* You finally get fed up of all this, buy half a dozen bananas and 2-3 packets of Maggi and voila, one day's meal is taken care of.

* You start getting bored of staring at the ceiling; you can't watch TV because your eyes start to burn, you can't play games on the comp because your eyes start to burn, you can't read books because your eyes start to burn; You curse yourself for not learning to appreciate music in your life.

* You start to wonder whether getting married might not be such a terrible thing, especially if someone else can make that stupid kanji for you.


  1. Good luck if you think your wife is gonnabe dutifully making kanji for you when you fall sick. Adhellam oru kaalam... And get a microwave if you don't have one and store a few packs of MTR has rasam rice. They have a year long shelf life and you can heat and eat when you are sick. :D

  2. its good to have a solid friend in these situations. feel better, dude.

  3. @ Idling:
    One lives on hope. Else, MTR vaazhga!

    @ Anjana:
    Solid friend? Who'll come and cook for you? I do have 3 am friends (folks whom I can call at 3 am if I am in trouble) but they are all out of bombay. Anyways, I didn't want to bother my friends. Or relatives.

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Get Well soon! and I pray that you get one kanji-making wife! :P


  5. @SRK
    see, thats what im talking about. solid friends dont consider this as a bother. they are all out of bbay? then move back to chennai seems a wiser choice than marriage.
    dont use time bomb to kill mosquito.

  6. I know you are bachelor when you say idli is made of "atta"!

    You have pretty high hopes for the wife to be! Good luck with that :-)

    That said, I hope you are feeling better now. Rest up!

  7. @ all: out for a week, so late reply... and that story is to come up when I get time :)

    @ Anon SS:
    The problem is I don't believe in prayers :(
    and maybe, kanji making wives won't commit the blasphemy of marrying a guy who won't take her to the temple... difficult equation, but as I said to Idling, one lives on hope!

    @ Anjana:
    1. I never said friends are in Chennai. There 'are' other cities than Singara Chennai you know... Bengaluru, Delhi etc...
    2. Move "back": I never lived in Chennai... visited in passing twice or thrice and liked whatever I saw... I hope to check out the city in leisure some day...
    3. My job (and field) makes me stuck to Bby more or less... or that's what I have been fooling myself with...

    @ Kavitha:
    I know you haven't stayed in Bombay when you don't know they say "atta" for any kind of flour, dry and wet... you add a prefix "chawal ki atta", "idli wala atta", "dosa wala atta"

    It's like Aatha... omnipresent!


  8. One call to me would have saved all that bother. Oops I forgot you do not want to bother youur relatives :(

  9. @ Venky Mama:
    oops, sensitive topic... not for public consumption... mailed you my reply :)