Nov 7, 2008

Punter's poetry...

Been a pretty long time,
since i did any crap rhyme,
that's probably 'coz
was busy watching Oz
squuezed like a lime!

Anyways, if Punter could write limericks, here's what I guess he would've written...

T/20, ODI or a five day test,
We were the lords, the very best;
but on this tour in the land of the curry
i have faced more than a worry...
frankly, i'd rather go home and rest!

Our spearhead, the wonderful Brett Lee,
he hurls the ball, only to see it flee...
So, I throw the ball to dear ol' Mitch
but he too fails on this flat, slow pitch
the bloody Indians can hardly hide their glee!

The next guy I see is Staurt Clark
akin to a dog with no bite, only a bark
God, I need a Shane and a Glenn
If I have any hope of saving my men
from being carted all over the park!

Oh, I also have a spinner called White
who doesn't seem to know how to flight
My other spinner is the part-timer Pup
expected to lead us to the next World Cup
But for now, he's being hit out of sight!!!

My big man Haydos is just back
out once again (!!!) to swinging Zak
And godamn you, it's definitely not funny
to be Ishant's and Bhajji's favourite bunny
this Indian team is real hard to crack...

I can't find one decent fellow
who can wield a confident willow
I sorely miss my all-rounder Roy
why did you go fishing, dear old boy
now, my team is as limp as an empty air pillow!


  1. Yes, nice ones here too. Do keep that up! btw most of my posts are humour - do go through my previous post especially the favourites listed alongside my blog. I will explore yours sometime next week

  2. tnx...
    will go thru...