Oct 7, 2008


I come home tired... log on and wish people 'Happy Budday' on orkut... and then, just log in to gmail...

and I go... WTF??? WTF WTF WTF???

So finally, Ms. Shetty of Big Brother fame realizes that this SRK is the real star...

and I get this...

I have had Nigerians mailing me to give me a million dollars... I have Viagra sellers offering me miraculous 'performance'... I have even had offers to have my you-know-what lengthened... and a very nice girl calling herself 'Jane' had even offered to show me her bedroom pics...

But this is the first time that some nice looking chick has sent me a mail saying I like your profile and I want to know you better...

Trust me darling, so do I...

For starters,

How the f*** did you get my mail id? and which part of my non-existent profile interests you?


PS: All those smart-ass friends who want to hint at "your time has come da", shut up...


  1. Hahaha...this is hilarious

  2. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I have set filters for mails coming from shadi.com or similar matrimonial portals n conveniently shove them to trash! :)

    urs truly - Santa

  3. @ roshan:
    some beautiful girl finds me interesting after an eternity... and u find tht hilarious?
    i thot u were a friend...

    @ Santa
    You dont know wht u r missin man... Pooja, Neha, Maya, Shilpa... abd even their parents!!!

  4. Anonymous5:38 AM

    yah right!! and you are getting them isnt it?!! ... ha ha ha! :D
    - Santa

  5. And hence you have the post titled WTF ... :P

  6. @roshan:
    of kors... it cud mean Welcome To Father-pur!

  7. Yes it could ...

    You don't need a matrimonial invite for that...do you :P

  8. Kamal9:39 AM

    Amazing one that... haha

    trust me... An intellectual like you will not find it hard to get proposals like these from beautiful gals if you try :)

  9. @kamal:
    I have said this before... There is much fun in not trying and cribbing instead :)

  10. @ spidey:
    I will. In good time.