Sep 27, 2007

Things that made my devilish mind chuckle recently

Sign near GTB station on a shop: “Made to order, Ladies and Gents”
Ah ha, went my mind! I started dreaming about ordering for myself a nice, beautiful 36-24-36 doe-eyed beauty…
I went closer to the shop, only to read the line above: “Jeans World!”

Remark by my colleague: “I am planning to go to Kutch to visit the Wild Ass Sancutary”.
I’m not adding my smart(wild?)-ass comments on this one.

Comment from a relative who is seeing me after a long time: “You look healthy now”
Once upon a time, I could run, jump, skip and hop. With a waist size of 28. They did not approve. Now, I am out of breath before I climb two floors. I am afraid to jump lest I cause an earthquake. And, my waist is the same size as Pamela’s chest (ok, Rakhi Sawant's, for all the swadeshi obsessed guys!). And they call me ‘healthy’.

But, you know what made me laugh loudest?
“T20 World Cup win is an example of Sharad Pawar’s leadership qualities” – quote by a NCP worker. (I tried to find the link to that newspaper, but couldn't...)
Guys and gals, please note… If you want India to win in hockey, football or Olympics, pls start a campaign to make Sharad Pawarji the chief of all Indian sports bodies. After all, we can’t be content with a solitary bronze or silver every time right?


  1. Hmm...
    Firstly I am not sure why everytime I load ur blog page it shows - "you are not authorized to view this page". Not that it stops me from reading, but I was just wondering if this is a technical glitch or another super computer IQ example.

    As far as I am concerned, even if made to order kind a solution is availble, it would be only for men. Even god would get tempted to watch an ideal woman.

    You were healthy then as well now. Just that the perspective has changed. U might try to give original SRK a run for his six packs.

    Sharad power could do wonders to India if everytime he decides at the last moment to send an Indian team to competitions. That way expectations would be low and the players would be better off.

  2. i dunno why this techie glitch occurs... but then, ur the IM dude.. u shud know...

    i want to give the original SRK a run for his six packs... but the only six pack i hv now is of beers :)

    and true to form, u refrained from commenting on wild ass ;)