Dec 1, 2013

A toast, to a much needed holiday!

To lack of planning and last minute packing. To rushing to the station after some confusion on tickets. To late night train conversations on random topics which will be remembered at the 10th year reunion.

To the sea view balcony and breakfast on the beach. To ordering a salted french toast, getting a sweet one and liking it anyway. To eating more than normal and not feeling sick.

To sitting on the beach and gazing at the sun. To sipping on beer and general lazing around. To walk a mile with water lapping at one's feet. To deciding on the spur on where to eat. To booking a cab to get there through a helpful shack owner. To questioning their commission and to giving them the 'benefit of doubt'.

To getting the perfect prawn recheado and high cholesterol heaven. To dancing to funky live music with a 1 year old kid. To getting people to try out feni. To getting pissed with the waiter for suggesting sprite with Teacher's!

To sitting on a moonlit beach and building sand castles. To looking at the stars and wondering about the purpose of life. To going back in the morning and finding the castle still there. To going later and finding it gone. To getting philosophical about the fleeting impermanence of life.

To going to a touristy crowded fort and not regretting it. To taking stupid-posed photos and not feeling embarrassed. To the magical ability of a camera to turn people into performing monkeys. To melting in the sun and to drinking lime water.

To facing one's fears and diving under water. To sitting on the edge of the boat and falling backwards into the sea. To panicking 12 feet under, and coming up for breath. To going back again and viewing a sting ray.

To sitting in a shack and sipping on Breezers. To playing volleyball and finding one is totally unfit. To throwing a frisbee and finding it float everywhere other than where one intended. To playing with sand and getting it in one's hair. To getting tanned and not knowing it.

To eating vegetarian food at Sagar Kinara. To getting nostalgic about aloo jeera and dal fry and Vrindi. To going hunting for a late night dessert. To eating temple prasad and to being denied kheer.

To sitting alone thinking deep thoughts. To allowing oneself to be lost in the waves. To early morning dips in the water. To not wanting to get out of the water ever.

To being thankful for friends who can put up with one's PJs (btw, "shower" is a verb). To being surprised that they can do worse.

To knowing where one stands. To knowing one doesn't stand a chance. To forgetting stuff. To creating new memories.

A toast, to a much needed holiday! 

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