Jan 9, 2013

In which I suggest a way for leaders to not appear dumb...

What a crazy few weeks this has been
Can't remember the last time we've seen
every 'leader' with a big foot in his mouth,
Be it from the East, West, North or South,
I had better maturity even at age nineteen!

First, it was the this effing idiot who loudly vented
about women on the streets being 'dented and painted'
He said "I can't believe the protester is a student"
Nor can we, sir, that you're the son of the President
but what can we say, except you are truly demented!

Then, we had this old supremo in a khaki short
who, when asked on this issue, made a sharp retort
that rapes happen in the India which apes the West
& not in our mahaan Bharat, 'coz our culture's the best
am not a lawyer, but say, can we sue him for tort?

And now we have this bearded man of God,
who wants the victim to chant mantras, dear Lord!
He pontificates, "with one hand, you cannot clap"
But sir, one hand suffices for a really tight slap,
and one hand also suffices to hold a large iron rod.

We also have a guy who blames the stars
He says "It was her fate, to suffer such scars"
Another wise guy blames fashion, films and freedom
"Veil the women, ban pre-marital sex and the condom,
And while we are at it, let's also close all pubs and bars."

Some one says women should not cross the line,
"Stay behind the Laxman Rekha and you'll be fine"
The Khaki-clad supremo adds, "Ladies, stay indoors,
And remember, your duty is to do household chores;
Marriage is an age-old contract, to keep you bovine"

To all these wise men, I have but one thing to say,
To their powerful egos, I am willing to humbly pray,
Please finish this "let me raise my pet cause" game,
And eventually get around to pinning the blame,
on the real culprits, if not today, at least some day...

And if I may add a small helpful hint, just a nudge,
It is that when you deem yourself to act as a judge,
"The woman's not to blame" - it's a simple rule of thumb
to ensure you never, ever again sound so dumb,
and in future, a woman's character you don't smudge.

And since I am feeling generous, let me add another rule,
Because, I don't think you were smart enough, you fool,
"If your solution involves something a woman shouldn't do -
it's a stupid solution", see now, that's a really easy clue
when in doubt, please refer to this simple thinking tool.


  1. Nicely put. :)

    Only one part is debatable though.

  2. @ cmus:
    thanks :)

    and I went by the media report, and not by the original clip. If he comes across this post, he can consider that portion of the post taken back :)

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    thumbs up man.
    you a feminist then?

  4. @ Anon:
    No. I don't burn bras :)
    And I don't label people. Nor do I want to be labelled.

  5. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Found this blog and liked it.
    Some entries are just lovely.