Dec 2, 2012

Where have all the jokes gone?

You know, once upon a time, I used to tell (write?) a lot of jokes. Most of them were not funny, but that's besides the point. The point was, I could come up with stuff that sounded funny, at least in my head.

I have run out of puns, and even my 'lamericks' section is limping along badly. I mean, there's only so many times that one can use the 'bad to verse' line. And it's not even mine. And so I tend to restrict it to whining once a year on Valentine. When the only thing you can come up with is bad rhyme, you realize something's not fine. I did try my hand at satire. Found out that I am not cut out for it and had to hastily retire.

And it's not even like I have matured, or think that this juvenile crap is not in keeping with my new found sensibilities. Even today, I tend to giggle like a teenage girl at some of the most inappropriate toilet humour. Or fart jokes. Even the ones that stink.

And I never shied away from sounding stupid. People who went to college with me have been known to wish that they had a way to 'block' me on the internal chat messenger we had, merely to escape from my onslaught of multicasts. I suspect some of them were driven to do voodoo to ensure I lost my PJ mojo. If so, please un-pin the doll, because you know what's a guy like me to do without an occasional PJ or two?

Probably it is part of growing older, because lately I find myself unable to come up with those stupid, silly thoughts as frequently as I used to. It's some sort of puerile dysfunction, which doesn't seem to have a cure. And I can't even blame performance anxiety, since I was never aiming to please anyone with my one-liners.

Anyone know of little blue pills which help to bring your funny stuff up? 

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    take a break.
    i've always seen you as a witty and intelligent guy.
    but then,there's internet to supply you those.Call it too much talk/information or over abundance of info that is damaging at one level and takes us away from much priced solitude.