Jun 6, 2012

You know you are getting into the 'Uncle' stage of your life when:

All your sporting icons are retiring and you are disdainful of the new 'kids' on the block. All the dream girls from your teenage are now playing mommy roles, and your new dream girls are all  younger to you!

You meet a younger cousin after almost a decade and tell him "My! How tall have you grown! The last time I saw you, you were this small!" You tell the same cousin to concentrate on his career and to focus on what he wants to do with his life, when all he wants is to have a friendly chat about the above mentioned dream women.

You cannot see your own toes, and cannot tie your shoe-laces standing up, and you attribute it to 'prosperity'.You can see more and more of your forehead when you look into a mirror, and you attribute it to 'wisdom'. Speaking of which, you are reminded of 'early to bed and early to rise..." and conclude two out of three isn't bad.

You no longer dream about making billions, becoming great or changing the world. You console yourself that it takes great maturity to come to terms with one's own mediocrity. You smile patronizingly at teenagers who still dream about making billions, becoming great and changing the world. You hope they'll nurture their dreams better than you did.

You find toilet humour juvenile, and practical jokes silly. You are fed up of puerile puns, random rhymes and even  average alliterations. You come to appreciate subtlety in everything, and irony is now your favourite form of humour. Tragically, you can't come up with any ironical statements, and so revert to silliness.

You try your hand at fancy video-games and embarrass yourself. You start thinking how much simpler life was when playing Pac-man and Super Mario. You wonder when video-games became so violent. You tell yourself that you are too old to play video-games anyway.

Your friends no longer come to kick your ass to mark your birthday. And you are thankful for that because you are worried about back pain.

Your friends start getting married, and having kids. You congratulate them in a very polite manner, instead of expressing your condolences at their loss of freedom in your most colourful "you are so fucked, da!" tone.

You write boring blog posts like this to celebrate your birthday. Instead of other boring posts. Thankfully, some things don't change!


  1. Happy birthday, Uncle.

  2. Pirantha Naal NalVazhthukkal !! :)

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Happy Birthday!!! And hell I am slowly and steadily getting there.

  4. @ cmus:
    Thanks :)

    @ harini:
    mikka nandri

    @ Anon:
    Thanks. And everyone has to get there. Unless they are Peter Markandeyan Pan

  5. It's never you are so fucked. more like you fucked...:(

  6. Abhishek11:27 AM

    100% agree with you on this, Uncle.. :)

  7. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Happy B'day da ! :)
    -- Gaurav

  8. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Happy brday!
    How old now?

  9. @ Winter:
    Every action has its equal and opposite reaction :)

    @ Abhishek:
    I brought that on myself!

    @ Gaurav:

    @ Anon:
    Thanks. 29.

  10. Anonymous12:03 PM


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