Jul 3, 2011

Yet another stupid poem...

Sometimes I really wonder why
Instead of simply flying by...
Why do you rush towards me
Are you so blind, can't you see
That if you touch me, you'll die...

Yet you come, on a prayer and a wing
With that lovely tilting tune you sing
But you've surely seen the others
Some of them even your brothers
never exit from my deathly ring...

So, in all this heat, I still shiver
back and forth, for you I quiver
not only 'coz of the winds that blow
that away from you, I move my glow
I don't take life, I am a born giver...

But, my dear, you are my life's only cause
with all my buzz, you still made me pause
And that's why, oh beautiful glowing fire
I choose to make you my funeral pyre
coz in love, there is neither gain, nor loss...

PS: So many fire and moth poems in the world. Surely, there's room for one more crappy one?


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    may i ask,er... what inspired you to write this poem?

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    the moth sacrificing,the flame selfish.not true love.

  3. Anonymous6:54 PM

    poem's gud.

  4. Anonymous6:41 AM

    never thought a man could write such poems on a moth dying on a flame.This is surely your anima responding to your instincts.

  5. @ Anon 1:
    How does it matter? Would the crappiness of the poem be any lesser if it had a tragic love story behind it? Or would I redeem myself if I say that I was randomly reading stuff on the net and came across some poem which made me write my own?

    @ Anon 2:
    What is true love?
    If I were more of a mushy idiot than I am, I would say that true love is unconditional. And hence, if I love you without expecting you to like me back, that is true love. But thankfully, I am not a mushy idiot and hence, I restrict myself to stupid poems instead of writing a thesis on true love. Whatever the hell that is.

    @ Anon 3:
    But spelling's not :)
    Thanks all the same!

    @ Anon 4:
    Er, search for fire and moth poems and you'll find many, and much better ones, written by men. And no anima-muniamma inside me!

  6. Anonymous7:01 AM

    "I restrict myself to stupid poems instead of writing a thesis on true love. Whatever the hell that is."

    you know,just make an attempt at the said thesis.you might just leave some helluva insight behind or understand yourself better.

  7. @ Anon:
    Leaving behind insights? Understanding myself better?
    Naah, I think I'd stick to crappy poems. This blog was not set up to delve deep into anything. And it shall stay that way till I grow up.