Jan 2, 2011

Funny Matrimonial Ads!!!

This is from my twitter timeline, cross-posted here since I had nothing better to do... also because I want to be able to look back at what I wrote and feel silly about it later... and looking up blog archives is far easier than looking up tweet archives...

So, presenting, What I find funny about matrimonial ads...

"I am a fun-loving person". 
Er, you mean that others hate fun?

"Looking for a person with clean habits." 
You mean, you are looking for a nun with a good laundry service? 
(People who don't get the pun, please go here)

"Well educated." 
Er, the only education that you can get out of a dug up hole filled with water is swimming lessons. (Again, people who don't get the pun, please go here)

"Traditional, yet modern." 
Can I say "Vegetarian, but eats chicken" or even "Religious, yet atheist"?

Why would you fear a being who is purported to be a source of limitless mercy, who can pardon everything?

"Respects elders." 
For what? Having spent more time than you on this planet? For always saying "Our times were better"?

"Trained Bharatanatyam dancer." 
Ok, you know 36 different ways of shaking your head "No" everytime I am in the mood?

"6.5 lpa, working with MNC." 
You mean, if you ever resign your job, I should be able to divorce you?

More when I come across them...

PS: I just happened to chance upon such gems while pulling my sister's leg since she is on the look-out. To all you babes out there, I am still single ;)


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    "Ok, you know 36 different ways of shaking your head "No" everytime I am in the mood?"bwhhaaa


  2. No wonder you are still single (no offence meant), but you do have a way of reading between the lines. Funny!

  3. @ Anon:
    ok, that comment is a little too cryptic :)
    and do i know you?

    @ AKM:
    I am not reading between the lines. If anything, the ones who post such things want people to read between the lines and I end up reading it literally.
    And, I like to claim I am single by choice :)

  4. Hi,

    Read this post here:

    Voracious Blog Reader

  5. "To all you babes out there, I am still single"... doesnt sound like a single by choice person.

    No offence meant. Please do not be offended. But I just liked the way you counter-interpret commonly used phrases. I showed your post to someone who is presently in the process, and her reaction was, "Shit... I have written that too"...

  6. @ Sree:
    heh, looks like this 'clean habits' is going to haunt a lot of people!

    @ AKM:
    I usually give offence, very rarely take it, so don't worry on that count.

    And yeah, a lot of people have written such stuff which is how I get to make fun of folks... btw, is your friend cute? ;)

  7. @kirku uncle...
    long time did not see ur posts...but that bhartnatyam thing split me up.....
    but very dissapointing i say....y did u not consider the dancer knows 36 ways of answering other questions as well..!!!!??

  8. Nice way of putting in ur sis...when everyone knows u possibly were scouting sites for urself ;)