Nov 17, 2009

Bad Pun Alert!

Example of a good pun:

"The ‘fakhta Marathi’ directive could end up doing just that..."

from one of my favourite columnists...

Example of a bad pun:

Q: Why does the Gujju get all orgasmic when Sachin's at the crease?
A: Coz of the master batting...

PS1: Apologies to any Gujju bhai/ben who might feel like taking offence... please don't crash the stock market in anger.

PS2: Extremely busy days at work... but there's always time for a bad pun


  1. good one! what is even funnier is "please don't crash the stock market in anger"

  2. @ Liberal:
    Thankfully, not many Gujjus read this blog... the Sensex fell only by 50-odd points :D