Oct 30, 2009


You know those stupid face-book quizzes that everybody seems to be clicking on these days? I never do them. Because the one or two I did in the initial "I-am-so-excited-to-be-on-facebook" stage gave out patently false results. As expected. One even suggested that I'll die from a shoot-out in a gang war. Yeah right!

I have usually been skeptical of such links. The ones which says "You are 51% female" even when your blog url does not read "http://ardhnareeswara.blogspot.com", or the ones which say "This blog can be understood by a school dropout" etc etc...

So, imagine my surprise when I finally found a link through some totally random browsing that finally gave a true result!

Reminds me of the quote made by my friend: "If you set out to do nothing, and end up doing nothing, haven't you achieved 100% of what you wanted?"
PS1: When there is nothing happenning in one's life that is blog-worthy, can a post about the worth(lessness) of one's blog be used as a filler?

PS2: From 3 day weekends a month back to working Saturdays now... how the leisurely have fallen :(

PS3: Any investment banker out there who can tweak the terminal growth rate and the WACC to give a respectable value to this space? Like a certain power company, I promise to write 28,000 mega posts by 2015.


  1. You don't need an i-banker. You need a full service marketing firm that can work on your PR and throw some ads out there. :D

    And dude, don't you live in Mumbai? Why is death in a gang-war shootout such a remote possibility?

  2. The answer to ur question in PS1 is No!


  3. @ Idling:
    yeah, i-bank, marketing & PR firm, mgmt consultant, astrologer, priest... basically anyone who can conjure up an illusion of value where none exists...

    @ Sangeetha:
    In my defence, I don't have a kid who'll keep performing interesting antics to give me a continuous supply of posts!