Aug 25, 2008

Succumbing to Temptation...

She was the most beautiful ‘item’ I had seen. Looking extremely delicious, sitting pretty with an inviting look. Seducing me. Tempting me to reach out. Making me drool like a pup which has eyed a bone.

One look at her, and all my self-control just melted away.

I knew that the effect was not just on me; everyone around me was also eyeing her with a lustful gaze. Even the girls in the vicinity kept looking at her, jealous of her effortless ability to draw attention from their bling, muttering to themselves, “She makes us look fat”.

As I drew my eyes away with considerable difficulty and tried to move away, her delicious fragrance kept me rooted to my spot. She had a sizzling scent, one which jolted my senses in a pleasant sort of way.

She evoked a strange sense of possessiveness in me. When I saw her in another man’s arms, all I wanted to do was go up to him, kick his ass, and take her for myself.

She had this mysterious ability to make me loosen my purse strings with abandon. She knew she was the best, and she demanded a heavy price knowing that no man can resist her charms.

She was like a drug, extremely addictive. I can never forget the feeling I had when my lips first touched her.

She was HOT. SUPER HOT. A DEFINITE SIZZLER. I knew this affair was not good for me. Every time I had given in to her charms, I had endured the torture of a guilty conscience and en empty wallet. My friends knew my weakness for her, and constantly taunted me. I was immune to them.

In spite of the fact that I had burnt my fingers many times before, the temptation was too much to resist.

I finally gave in.

I called the waiter, and said “One sizzling chocolate brownie please”. And I gave in to her charms “one last time.”

Until the next pang that is.

PS: Inspired by the line “Bips looks decidedly edible” - Raja Sen, review of Bachan Ae Haseeno.

PPS: I read rediff reviews. Sigh. And get inspired by such crap. Double sigh. Such is life...


  1. Kamal7:34 AM

    Sounds pretty much like the post on the excel application thing.

    Running out of ideas Giriya ? :)

  2. the very fact tht i'm gettin inspired by rediff reviews shud tell u tht i'm out of ideas...