Mar 10, 2008

What is 'it'?

What is it?

Its entry into your life denotes a dramatic new phase in your life – a phase which is supposed to make you more responsible.

Once it enters your life, it becomes the centre of attraction. You forgo your hobbies, leisure, social life, everything just to be around it. It just has to whimper a bit and you drop whatever you are doing to attend to it.

You look at it and think, “I wish I could be in its place – living life without a care in the world.”

You are willing to crawl on your knees just to amuse it and bring a smile to its face.

Just when you thought you have it all under control, it proceeds to piss on you.

It shits in its pants and waits for other people to do the cleaning up. And surprisingly, there are always some people ready to wipe its ass.

It is notorious for screaming at the top of its voice, especially at the middle of the night.

It can drool all it wants, and all the pretty women find it cute. You do the same, and you are branded a perverted MCP.

It experiences wide mood swings, happily smiling one moment and bawling away the next. The worse thing is, your mood entirely depends on its moods.

People bring it gifts whenever they come to pay it a visit. It can grab the gift and throw it right back at their faces, and yet they don’t feel offended.

There are books to teach you to deal with it. People write newspaper columns advising you on the same subject. But, most of those systems and techniques work only on paper.

Every little word it speaks, every little step it takes is regarded as a great achievement.

Some people may say it is God’s gift. But the truth is, it came into being because someone screwed up sometime.

It is a four letter word, starting with B.







Guess what is 'it'?

'It' is called BOSS

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  1. amazing... never thot 2 dissimilar things can have the same description !!!