Jul 23, 2007


Why I absolutely luvvvv this comic strip!!!!

Dedicated to the pretty dietician who advised me the following diet:

Breakfast - 1 CUP poha/upma/cornflakes (lady, please specify your cup size ;)) [ok dirty minds, that was intentional]

Mid Morning - Lemon water without sugar (why did she have to watch AB's film and then write my diet plan?)

Lunch - 2 dry chappatis/ 1 cup sabzi (hello, even Govt sponsored Mid-day meals offer more, even after the politicians gobbling 90% of the funds)

Mid afternoon - Lemon water without sugar (sugar farmers in Maharashtra are committing suicide, and this heartless lady doesn't even care!)

Evening Snack - 2 wheat biscuits/dhokla, no fried foods (only 2 biscuits??? I used to polish off an entire packet of creamy bourbon in college)

Dinner - 3 dry chappatis/1 cup sabzi/1 cup curd (thanks lady, i already feel full!!!)

After dinner - 1 fruit (now, this is as vague as it gets... whaddya mean by 1 fruit... a grape, an orange, a jackfruit??)

and just when thought she had cut a secret deal with my life insurers and finished me off, she delivers one last knock out punch...

"Go for a walk early morning for 30-45 minutes. Exercise regularly" (Early morning walk. I thought that was for retired people who didn't have to go to work. I can barely wake up in time to reach office!)

Looks like I should apply to the 'Biggest Loser Jeetega' thingy - atleast the sight of Rakhi Sawant might motivate me to run... far away from her!!!

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  1. Please ask her to list out a diet for me. And NO BOOZE for you from 2day. ONLY monk gets to have those port wines ! :)