Apr 22, 2007

Meet my best friend - Murphy

Today, I made an important discovery… that laptops can crash! Never mind that you paid 60K for that stupid thing (the more expensive it is, the worse your feeling, that’s it!); and took care of it like a baby.

And, the laptop is not very unlike the baby that decides it wants to pee just when the movie you are watching in the hall is reaching its climax, and it announces the fact loud enough for your neighbours to turn up their noses and give you dirty looks.

My laptop decided to crash on the last day in campus. I go rushing to the Computer Centre (CC) and tell them, “Boss, the laptop just doesn’t start.”

The CC guys live by the motto, “If you have a hammer in your hand, every problem is a nail.” You tell them the laptop doesn’t start, they’ll say “Reformat karna padega.” You tell them you have a bad headache, they’ll say, “Reformat karna padega.” You tell them you suffer from erectile dysfunction, your wife ran away with your best friend, your kids threw you out of their home, you are penniless, half naked and hungry, and they’ll still say, “Reformat karna padega.” So, the CC guy asks me, “Sir, aapne data ka back up liya hai na.”

And, I made another important discovery… that there is data on the comp (not just movies, songs, games and a zillion pics), and it is something that you take a back up of because your pricey laptop decides to, well... act pricey. But then, you know me, I am not the kinda guy who clings on to the past. I move on in life. I live in the present and am in the process of attaining nirvana. Ok, basically, I don’t have a backup. Never had even thought of one in my life.

So, the Reformat thingy hammers away at my laptop, and I happily realize that I have lost everything from my comp… all the stupid assignments, the DOCC reports, the Autumns project data, the songs, the pics, the movies (I would specifically miss the hidden ones), and most importantly the Asin desktop wallpapers. Also the drafts of the previous 49 stupid blog posts that I had saved faithfully. I just realized that my best friend Murphy had given me a great graduation present. Thanks buddy, I really appreciate it. Especially, after the crap show that we had in the name of Graduation ceremony. (ok, my lips are sealed on that one).

Anyways, Edison-like, I say to myself, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.” Because, though it is initially depressing to know that ALL your data is gone, you slowly realize that now is the time to collect back those things that really mean something to you. I mean, I have been meaning to delete some useless files for years now, and I hadn’t come around to it. But, Murphy buddy just made my job so easy. No more confusion as to whether this report on ‘Indian real estate scenario’ or the excel file on 'Multiple Regression' would be useful in future, and whether I should keep it. All gone, and I didn’t even have to say good bye.

What’s more, I am suddenly left with almost 45 odd GB of free space. To a guy who has been scraping by with 600 MB space for the last two months, it is like rushing from a monastery in Ladakh into a whorehouse bursting with busty bombshells. So, I go berserk downloading movies, games and books into my comp, hoping Murphy is busy somewhere else and wouldn’t pay me a visit soon enough.

Now, believe it or not, I have filled my hard disk to the brim again. And, un-Edison like, I say to myself, “There is great value in disaster. All my mistakes have crashed away. Thank God that I can repeat them.”

And thus, it is back to more movies, games, and of course, Asin wallpapers.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

PS: This happens to be my fiftieth post. I am getting nostalgic and all that. I would like to thank my mom, dad, friends, relatives, teachers, pets, strangers for helping me reach this milestone. I would dearly love to thank the multitude of readers of this blog (at last count, it was over 3!!!) for your encouraging comments.
I know most of you think it is time I hung up my boots (keyboard??), but I have decided to carry on with Sachin-like determination in the interest of the nation.


  1. Congratulations... on reaching this milestone.. :))

    Yes.. laptops can crash.. and my laptop is a PC now... It has no battery... :))

  2. good one: monastery to whorehouse :)

  3. u got more than 3 readers SRK !! congratulations on your increasing market share...

  4. You are lucky that it waited till the last day in the campus to crash and that by this (mis)fortune you were able to get reid of all unwanted things in the computer.