May 31, 2006

Kiruku Kiruku
In case you are wondering what the hell does this mean… well… it is such a long story ;)You see, in Tamil, Kiruku as a noun means a crackpot, a crazy idiot and so on. Kiruku as a verb denotes ‘to scribble’. Well, in case you are such a kiruku as to not figure it out, I like such ‘punny’ terms.
But, if you are expecting a blog full of puns, I’m sorry!

Since this is my first blog post, I’ll KISS (Keep It Short and Simple). Even though some of you may be hoping that this is my last post too, all I can say is that like a dog, I’ll go post to post and … er, do what dogs do best with posts ;))

I’m not expecting any punny comments, since only a panni (Tam for PIG) would bother to even read the crap that I have written.


  1. That was great. You have inspired me to write my own blog and I have done one. A feeble attempt.

  2. Good ones to start with rather a bit 'satirically' - keep it 'up' and in 'high spirits'.